Best Car Share Service in Australia – Comparison of them all

Car Share is becoming more popular in Australia particularly in capital cities.

Car Share Companies i am aware of are:

Car Next Door 
Car Next Door allows individuals to borrow their cars to other individuals.  Available in Melbourne and Sydney.

Lets you drop your car off at Melbourne Airport, Brisbane Airport and Sydney Airport and while you away you can rent it out to make some money.

Drive My Car
Drive My Car allows people to rent out their cars to borrows Australia wide, but most cars need to be rented for a minimum of 7 days.

Flexicar is owned by Hertz and lets you rent cars in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth

Goget is available in Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane.

GreenShare is available in Melbourne and Perth.

Popcar is available in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.

RACV Car Share
RACV Car Share is powered by Thrifty and is only available in Melbourne.

Hourly Rates Comparison

Company Annual Fee Hourly Rate Rate P/Km
Car Next Door None From $5 P/Hr + $5 Booking Fee $0.33
Flexicar $49 From $13.50 P/Hr Unlimited
GoGet $49 From $10.45 P/Hr $0.40
GreenShareCar $55 From $11.49 P/Hr $0.39
PopCar $25 Once off Fee From $9.90 P/Hr $0.40
RACV Car Share Free $12.50 P/Hr Unlimited

Daily Rates Comparison

Company Annual Fee Daily Rate Included Km Excess P/Km
Car Next Door None From $25 P/Day  + $5 Booking Fee None $0.33
Flexicar $49 From $79 P/Day 100Km $0.39
GoGet $49 From $85 P/Day 150Km $0.40
GreenShareCar $55 From $89.24 P/Day 150Km $0.39*
PopCar $25 Once off Fee From $80 P/Day 100Km $0.25
RACV Car Share Free $85 P/Day 350Km $0.30

*Can Pay $22 P/Day for Unlimited Km

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